But it's not our job to be better than anyone else; we just need to be better than we were a year ago. - Jeff Atwood

About me

Hello! My name is Lukasz Piatkowski, but You can call me Lucas. I live and work in United Kingdom, in the beautiful city of London. I am a passionate front-end developer and a web standards enthusiast with focus on Javascript. Every day I try to learn something new to extend my programming skills and to stay in touch with the latest technologies.

As a big fan of social media I have created a github account. There you can find projects I have started, mostly, for the purpose of using them in my job. From time to time I contribute to stackoverflow.

...but programming is not my whole life. I like martial arts, especially Shotokan karate that I trained for a couple of years by myself. I swim to stay fit. I play video games when I want to completely break from the reality, but I would rather play on my drums.

I try to be a team player in both my professional and private life because I believe in the spirit of cooperation and that great things can be achieved together.

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